Hybrid Solutions

Hybrid Solutions

Hybrid solution, also known as “hybrid orthodontic approach” is a treatment that uses a mixture of braces and clear tooth aligners. This therapy combines the speed and efficiency of traditional braces with the convenience of invisible tooth aligners, therefore achieving optimal results in a much shorter time and also, you will save money in the process.


Patients begin with low visibility or metal braces for only 6-12 months, then switch to clear aligners for the finishing stages of treatment. In most cases, overall treatment typically takes less than a year from start to finish. Sometimes, standard braces may be required on only a few teeth and may be easily hidden in the rear of your mouth.


⦁ Reduced time in standard braces, and maximizes esthetics.
⦁ Better patient compliance
⦁ Maximizes your comfort in the invisible, removable aligner phase of treatment.
⦁ It allows easier care and dental hygiene for your teeth while in treatment.
⦁ Best possible functional and esthetic outcomes without compromise.


⦁ Brush your teeth regularly after each meal
⦁ Floss once a day
⦁ Rinse with mouthwash every day.
⦁ Avoid eating hard foods and chewing sticky substances
⦁ Rinse the aligners every time you remove them
⦁ Take your aligner tray out each morning and clean both your teeth and the trays.
⦁ Brush and floss your teeth before you put them back in.
⦁ Do not eat or drink with invisible aligners in your mouth.
⦁ Don’t use colored toothpaste or soap to clean your trays.
⦁ Visit your orthodontist regularly

At Bible Hill Family Dentistry, we exclusively offer Hybrid orthodontic solutions using cutting edge technology to help our patients achieve the best results possible.