Orthodontic Simulation Software

Orthodontic Simulation Software

At Bible Hill Family Dentistry, we are pleased to offer cutting edge technology to all of our patients.
By using an orthodontic simulation software, we create a customized potential outcome of your smile that helps patients visualize the aesthetic, functional and health benefits of straighter teeth obtained with clear aligners and braces. This software is a computer application that allows our patients to view their own virtual orthodontic treatment plan.

You will see an image of your current dental situation next to a simulated final position of how your teeth may look after braces treatment and SureSmile or ClearCorrect aligners treatment.


  • Simulates the results of treatments with clear aligners and braces.
  • It helps patients see and understand their proposed treatment plan and potential future results with greater clarity.
  • You can keep a follow up of your orthodontic treatment.


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